June 2, 2018

I just got the Domain for my Website and it came in a Bundle so I got it cheaper for a year than a month. That is a weird thing I notice on some Website's that charge for things. I used GoDaddy and I already prefer it over other Domain Website's but not that there is a difference. It is just Professional for anybody and some ask is it worth it's price. Depending on how much you get it for. Yeah if it is in like the $1-$20 and you could get it for that price if you have any Offers like I did but the one I had went up to 182% off because like I said mine was a Bundle. So Yeah it is worth it's price and any Domain is worth it as long as you commit to it!


June 3, 2018

So some people ask is Fortnite worth. What they mean is are the Purchases you can make in the game worth it. Emotes and Dances could be if you like dancing or can do them as you can play those could be worth it. Are vBucks worth buying? No they are not cause you can buy Save the World and earn enough vBucks to buy something like the Battle Pass. You would buy vBucks for the Battle Pass to earn all the thing all the way to Tier 100. Skins are not worth buying with your vBucks. Skins that are worth it are ones that have camoflauge to it. The Love Ranger is one of them. So maybe no. Tell me what yout think!

Fortnite Astro
Love Ranger

June 4, 2018

Well today June 4th is my brothers birthday! It's his birthday! It's his birthday! So what I gave him was my PS4 Account/Epic Games Account. Well now I don't have one to use. That's so great. :C


June 5, 2018

Birthday is over! I had Wendy's for the first time and I would rather have it over other Fast Food Resturants like McDonald's. The first thing I had was a Frosty at Wendy's and it was better than so many things that McDonald's or Starbucks. I could drink Starbucks but I just don't like it! Tell me in the comments if you guys like that stuff?


June 6, 2018

I just made my own clothes and showed it at school today (late). Some people from my class called it Merch. I think they mean Merchandise. I don't really care who buys it and Thank You to the people that did. Friends said they would buy it and I said buy it know cause you have a good 15% off.

June 7, 2018

Yesterday was the award ceromony and I wanna thank Mrs. Peterson for making me one of the best mathematician. I also wanna thank 2 people who came up with the name I use all day every day. This name is Tiny. Everything I have on the internet says Tiny. Some people know me as Tiny President. Those 2 people are Greta Wavrunek and Lindsey Leet. Everybody understands me with this name called Tiny. So I wanna thank everybody who respected me and didn't care that I was short and I don't even care!


June 8, 2018

Is my shirt worth it? I'm just kidding today is about being loyal and not lying to your friends. You should be able to trust your friend and they should be able to trust you. If I am down my bud Kevin or Mohamed always do something to make me laugh and I always make Mohamed laugh if he is down. Don't lie to your friends or even people you don't even like. I can trust all my friends and even people that are friends with me sometimes and they might know who they are. Some people just use you. Me and my friends have somebody who used us. Who wanted some free TinyClothes. I have a trustworthy friend that is smart and I calle them onto the stage for the variety show. I can trust most of my friends and you should be able to!


By: Tiny President

Tiny Guy that made this!